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Giovanni Mason

Sculptor • Painter


The artistic talent of Giovanni Mason develops between sculptures and paintings, one inseparable from the other. He is driven by a fundamental intention, which is at the basis of the best modern art: to make visible the invisible. That is, to go beyond the outward appearances of things and the conception that reality is only what our senses come into contact with. In Mason's works one's attention is drawn to the interiority of things which touch as man's soul: emotions feelings and the perceptions of our external world. Especially certain values of life such as the real things that count in man's existence. 
  • Le Olimpiadi
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  • Amor per la Vita
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Giovanni Mason's sculptures incorporate that extraordinary plastic tradition of the stone. He uses precious marbles in which he searches for the most intimate design to valorize it to the maximum of its expressiveness. He works the stone following the rules of a great centuries old craft; confronting the block with caution and with strength at the some time, respecting its characteristics. He then develops his favorite theme, that of ma n, represented mainly symbolically. Single figures or pairs, but always with the intention of going beyond the real. Therefore he translates into the stone (more rarely into wood or other materials), the authentic of his state of mind and inner feelings; affection, love, solidarity and the relationship between mother and child, etc. Also from a formal point of view his sculptures go beyond the evidence. From a substantial figurative point of view Mason's works have continually become more symbolic until they have reached, in his ultimate works, a perfect balance of abstraction. However they ore always within well stylized dynamics and sometimes even bold from a realistic point of view.

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